Self Portrait

Hi, my name is Eugene Schumann III, I am an artists living on Long Island in New York.

From a young age I developed an enjoyment and talent for fine arts and was lucky enough to have encouragement and support from my parents that helped me work my way to receiving my Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts. I have been working in an amazing product photography studio for over 10 years now and recently I have been focusing more of my time on expanding my personal photography and computer art work.

The combination of photography and computer art allows me to develop my photos into more than just what comes out of the camera, into the version of how I see. I have yet to come across a type of photography that I did not enjoy working on, from in studio product shots, portraits, events, nature, sports, and landscapes. I am always looking to work on new projects, with new people, and enjoy teaching others who want to improve their own art. If you like my work and have a need for some photography I welcome you to contact me with any questions or requests.

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