August 2016

New lens testing and some landscape shots in South Hampton. I got my 75-300mm lens in the mail before heading out there and after some quick testing and focus calibration was able to get pleasing results, the butterfly, bird, and boat were all shot with that lens. I also had my 50mm vintage 70's lens and got a few nice night and day landscape shots by the water. 

1st birthday party for my goddaughter. It was close to 100 degrees out but that did not stop the kids from being active as everyone else was just trying to keep cool. I brought just my 55-200mm zoom lens since I knew it would provide a good range for outdoor shooting. I was focusing on just capturing good moments and not so much on camera settings, that led to me having to do a bit more processing than I had hoped but I was able to get them looking consistent, sharp, and vibrant.

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