January 2017

Nikon Series E 50mm built from 1979 to 1985. This is one of my favorite lenses, it is compact, light, and fully manual. Focusing a lens yourself takes a bit of practice but you will be glad to have that skill because even the best new autofocus systems can struggle to do its job in some situations. The aperture opens to f1.8 which is great for letting in some extra light when needed and creating a soft blurry background for portraits. You can usually find them for around $60-$80 in excellent used condition and they were very popular during the time they were made so it is not hard to find.

Working on some home interior photography at a nice lake house I stayed in over the past weekend. Quickly I realized that even a "wide angle" 20mm lens on my APS-C camera body is not wide enough to get a decent amount of the smaller rooms and bathrooms in the photos.

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