July 2017

The All-Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle Pennsylvania. Took the trip out there again this year with my father. It was hot again but not unbearable because of some nice breeze and occasional cloud coverage throughout the day Saturday. I brought my Fujifilm XT-10 with an adapted Nikon 20mm lens. This worked out better than the 35mm I have been using at car shows since it made it easier to get the whole car in the frame without having to back up as far. The highlight of the show this year for me was the Dodge Viper display which had one of every special model.

Some recently developed film photos shot with my Canon AT-1. I will most likely not be shooting more film any time soon since I got the Fujifilm XT-10 which gives me a similar experience of an old school manual camera with great digital image quality. If I do bring it out in the future I will definitely grab this film again, it has a great look.

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